Christmas With a Princess, Gigi’s Playhouse Gainesville

Project Princess UF and Gigi’s Playhouse

Christmas with a Princess; a magical holiday celebration.

I had such a wonderful time volunteering and photographing Gigi’s Playhouse’s Christmas with a Princess in collaboration with Project Princess UF and Capes & Tiaras. For those of you who are not familiar with Gigi’s Playhouse, Gainesville, it is a learning center for children with down syndromes and it is quite a magical place. Seeing these children’s faces light up when they met their favorite Disney Princess was spectacular! We even had Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse make an appearance.

Christmas with a princess turned into one big play date with a princess, as the children enjoyed coloring, singing and playing with their favorite Disney princess. There was even a gift exchang!

Project Princess UF is a not for profit charity started by Kierra Brown, owner of Capes & Tiaras, Gainesville, when she was a student at the University of Florida. It is a volunteer student-run organization at UF in which the volunteers dress as Disney princesses to spread joy and cheer to children. They are an amazing organization to work with. The actresses know their character rolls inside and out. They all can field the most difficult questions from any six-year-old they meet.  It is amazing to watch them bring joy and happiness to children and even more amazing to watch how they never break character no matter what happens.

I want to thank all of the wonderful people at Gigi’s Playhouse, Gainesville, Project Princess UF and Capes & Taras for allowing me to capture the joy and the magic during this holiday celebration.  It was truly an amazing experience and I am very grateful to share in it. As a Gainesville wedding photographer and Gainesville portrait photographer I get to see some of life’s’ most precious moments, but photographing Christmas with a Princess at Gigi’s Playhouse tops the list.