University of Florida Graduation Photography; Bernie Shalit

Bernie Shalit; University of Florida Graduation Photo Shoot

I had such a wonderful time photographing Bernie Shalit after he recently graduated from the University of Flordia. This outstanding young man definitely takes a good picture and surely has a bright future ahead of him.

We spent a couple of hours roaming the University of Florida campus trying to incorporate as much of his college experience at UF into his graduation celebration photo session. We started near the Warrington College of Business and made our way toward the UF Health medical plaza and eventually wound up at Lake Alice.

Graduation photography is something that we know quite well here in Gainesville and I had a wonderful time being part of Bernie’s graduation experience.

I wish Bernie the best as he continues his studies in pursuit of a medical degree and would like to thank him for choosing Chris Watkins Photography to handle all of his graduation photography needs.