Engagement; Michelle and Michaell

Veterans Memorial Park, Gainesville, Fl.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when a glance says what words cannot you will see the true meaning of love and the real importance of a photograph. At least this the case for Michelle and Michaell, who share a love deeper than words can describe.

As a Gainesville wedding photographer, I have the wonderful opportunity to photograph many engagement session, with couples who are seriously in love. But I cannot recall photographing a couple who is more visibly in love than Michelle and Michaell.

As I was going through their photos, I couldn’t help but smile as I selected the best photos from our session. Just the way that these two look at each other is beautiful and awe inspiring. Anyone who looks at these photos can clearly see the love that these two share for each other.

I wish Michelle and Michaell the best as their wedding day quickly approaches. As I look forward to having the honor of photographing their wedding.